Do I need to be home for maid service?
It’s up to you. Many Maggie Maids customers opt to hand us a key but others choose to leave the key in a safe spot whenever house cleaning services are scheduled. Alarm systems can be left on provided you give us access to your entry/exit codes. You can also leave the alarm system off when we are visiting.

Can I trust you with my keys?  Will you protect them?
We secure any key given to us in a storage device that is locked. Only Maggie Maids managers can access this device on the day you’ve scheduled your professional home cleaning appointment. On the day of your appointment, the leader of the team is given your key for access into your home for our scheduled residential cleaning. The team leader returns the key to management at the end of the day and it goes back to its secure box. When they keys are organized, it’s all numeric and there is no link to your home address.

How many maids will be in my home at one time?
Maggie Maids typically work as duos with one person being the Team Leader and supervisor. Field Supervisors will occasionally tag along as a third to oversee the cleaning.

What are the rates for your house cleaning services?
We encourage you to get a FREE QUOTE here online or call us for a more accurate quote. Our fees are generally based on your home’s condition and size.

How do we pay for your residential cleaning services?
We accept cash, personal checks and accepted credit card payments. Payments are due at the time of your maid service. Credit card payments can be made prior to your service date. You can leave the payment on your kitchen countertop if you’re not home at the time of service. We prefer to accept cash only when you’re present at the time of service.

Can your house cleaning service guarantee me satisfaction?
The maid service of Maggie Maids is backed by a 100% guarantee. All you have to do is call us within 24 hours of your house cleaning if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our work. We will send someone to your home to re-clean free of any additional charges.

Will these be trained and supervised housekeepers in my home?
Any member of the Maggie Maids team goes through extensive training before they even start coming along for home cleaning appointments. The training continues after they are on the field whenever we learn of new methods, new cleaning products, or we feel the need to reinforce any previous training. A Team Leader serves as supervisor for every team on appointment and there are periodic visits to homes by Field Service Supervisors.

Will we get the same maid service team for each appointment? I don’t like repeating myself and dealing with frequent new maids.
There may occasionally be a change in housekeepers if someone on your team is not available but we make every effort to use the same team at your home. The Maggie Maids team leader is there specifically for consistency – to know your cleaning preferences, learn your home, and teach the service and quality you expect to any new team member.

Is Maggie Maids bonded and insured as a Chicago cleaning service?
We are and we can provide any documentation upon request.