Cleaning Service in Alsip 60803

Our company strives for excellence with every home we clean. One of the first things we do is to assess each and every home before giving our official estimate. There are many aspects we consider to make your Alsip, IL home a healthy indoor environment. The amount of people staying in the home, the type and number of pets you keep.

By doing thorough inspections and assessments we are able to give a free estimate and properly prepare the required equipment and cleaning chemicals we will need. We are proud to only use the best quality environmentally safe chemicals and equipment. Our well trained employees work in happy pairs of two to make sure everything is spotless.

Any home cleaned by our company in Alsip, IL is always of the highest hygienic standards. Our clients enjoy having friends and neighbours visit them in their clean homes, and when asked there is only one company they all recommend – Maggie Maids Cleaning!

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