Cleaning Service in Willow Springs 60480

Our company offers a cost effective and comprehensive cleaning service to homes in Willow springs, IL. We put a great deal of pride in only supplying highly trained teams of maids. Our maids will visit your home weekly or bi weekly depending on your homes requirements, they are always well dressed in uniform. As part of our service we may supply all the required cleaning chemicals and equipment, all of which being of the highest standards and environmentally friendly.

We also offer home owners a comprehensive construction cleaning service. We know it’s never easy to get rid of all the dust and minor debris left after renovations and home remodels. That’s why we specially trained our maids to clean these and the surrounding areas comprehensively, leaving your new habitable areas perfectly clean from top to bottom.

In Willow Springs, there is only one trusted company to keep your home on the highest hygienic standards – Maggie Maids Cleaning!

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