Cleaning Service in Mt Greenwood 60655

Ever heard of a 24h money back guarantee on a house cleaning service? Our company with over 8 years experience offer this deal to all our customers in Mt. Greenwood, IL. Now it may just sound a bit unreal but with a company who commits to fully train all their employees, have them properly screened and checked, then it is exactly what you should expect!

Our employees work in teams of two and all of them dressed in neat uniforms. They work on a strict cleaning specification list, which may you also get a copy of. All the chemicals and equipment used can be supplied by us. We only use the highest quality environmentally safe chemicals and equipment, ensuring the health of your family and the protection of your Mt. Greenwood, IL home and belongings.

Feel free to contact our company now and one of our friendly staff will answer any questions which you may have and set up a convenient appointment to visit your home and do a full assessment and deliver a free estimate.

24h Free Recorded Consumer Message

Call this number and listen to a 7 minute message about
5 things you should know before letting someone into your home!


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